Cascade Lake
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All swimming takes place in the roped of swimming area of the lake and is guarded by certified lifeguards. Any person wishing to swim in the deep end of the lake must pass our swim test.

In order to swim in the "deep" water, children must be at least 8 years of age and pass the Cascade Lake swim test.  To pass the test, the child must swim 140 feet (from the main pier to the second pole and back) using a strong freestyle (crawl) stroke.  No stopping or "doggie paddling" is allowed during the test.  Swimming the entire distance does not automatically qualify as passing.  After swimming the distance, an evaluation will be made whether or not the test has been passed. 

Many factors are considered in the decision-making including (but not limited to):

There are no retakes. 

Please practice beforehand if necessary.

The manager's decision is final.